19-27 September 2009, Pastoral Vadi, Fethiye, Turkey

8-11 October 2009, Istanbul, Turkey

Invitation: permaculture course invitation

Registration Form: Permaculture registration form

We are living in a unique time in the evolution of the planet and the human species. We are facing many challenges such as climate change, peak oil, species’ extinction, declining quality and availability for our food and water. Permaculture is a design system that recognizes solutions to create environments that can support humans, animals and wildlife in a healthy and abundant way. While many feel hopeless about what we can do, there are solutions that are often hidden in plane view. Permaculture is an approach to designing our lives, our gardens and our communities that offers many practical solutions to issues that may seem unsolvable.

You are invited to come and explore together with Penny Livingston-Stark what we can do in our communities to start adapting in a positive way to the changing times we face in the future.

What can we do to decrease our dependancy on resources imported from distant lands using increasingly expensive fossil fuels? Can we provide for our needs where we live? How can we clean water, turn waste into resources and fulfill a legacy that enrichens the lives of our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren with beauty, elegance, integrity, fun and love?

Come learn and explore ways you can enrich your life, family and community in a way that is harmonious to the Earth and the living systems we depend on for our health and happiness. Penny Livingston-Stark will help facilitate an exploration into the principals, practices, strategies and techniques of permaculture design.


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