flow game, once again, 25-26 July, Istanbul

At this shifting times our world needs to unfold for the new possibilities and the full potential which resides in us – as individuals, collectives and Humanity.

Old ways of thinking, talking, leading and working are failing in increasingly evident ways. And as we feel and experience in our everyday life this shift process, many of us feel the call to do something but are unsure what that new something might be.

To help illuminate your possibilities and explore the future, the Flow Game is being offered for the first time in Turkey as a enjoyable, fun and deep tool to support you to inquiry the burning question you are holding now about the next steps to take forward.

The Flow Game is a process designed as a board game that creates the space for individual and collective consciousness and intelligence to emerge through reflection, dialogue and interactive learning.

The purpose and intent of the Flow Game is to strengthen and bring flow to the life affirming leadership and actions of the participant. Its aim is to strengthen and bring focus and flow into important area or question in one’s life – be it a project, a future direction of your work or relationships or as part of your personal growth.

For more information: www.flowgame.net

FLOW GAME Hosting in Istanbul

When: 25th and 26th of July, 10:00 – 17:00

Where: Address will be provided upon interest

Investment: TL 170 per person (meals are not included) as a suggested price. If this amount is not affordable, we follow the principle of “offer what you can and a little bit more”.

Flow Game Host: Valentine Giraud*
Local Host: Filiz Telek*

Contact kolektifbilinc@gmail.com for more information.

“I have participated in many different courses and workshops with the same objective as the Flow Game.

In comparison…I have experienced the Flow Game as the most effective the funniest way to explore new and alternative solutions to personal and professional challenges and to look at “old” solutions in new perspectives. .

It is not only the trick of using a board game for this purpose. The fine outcome was just as much the result of a professional moderation and intervention by the Flow game host.”

*Valentine Giraud – Host of group processes with the use of  deep dialogue and collective learning methodolgies (such as Open Space. World Cafe. Circle Dances. Clowning and others). Co-creator and co-host of the Butterfly Connection– Youth Leadership Program which has taken place in Brazil and abroad for 3 years (www.conexaoborboleta.com)  Co-creator and co-host of events, gatherings and trainings organized within the international communitites of the Pioneers of Change and The Art of Hosting Meaningful Conversations. She was part of the Ashoka- Innovators for the Public in Brazil from 2006 to 2008 coordinating and connecting Brazil and Paraguay fellowship locally, regionally and internationally. In 2005 lived and worked in India engaged within local and international social organizations dedicated to rural development and microfinance. For one year was part of the Strategy and Managment for Sustainability team at the ABN AMRO Bank in Brasil.  Ba degree in International Relations at the Catholic University of Sap Paulo. In Brazil and abroad she has been hosting processes of group engagement and solving complex social problems processes. Currently she is travelling and working in the Middle East Region offering her work and pratices in the art of hosting conversations that matter within groups, organizations and individuals who are calling in their next level of clarity and purpose and leadership that is needed at this time of shift in our world.

*Filiz Telek – Filiz is a dialogue host and a learning process designer. Her work as a host is to create a learning container in which a community or a group can realize its potential through dialogue and deep connection. Her passion is to explore new ways of working and being together and discover a depth of wisdom far beyond what is available to individuals alone. As part of Pioneers of Change and Art of Hosting networks, she has been co-designing, planning and co-hosting international gatherings and trainings, convening people, diversity, creativity and all viewpoints in processes through which our wisdom can come forth, since 2002. Recently, she organized and co-hosted “Art of Hosting Participatory Leadership” training in Istanbul. (www.kolektifbilinc.wordpress.com) Besides being a dialogue host, Filiz is a social entrepreneur focusing on sustainable living. She is the initiator of “Sustainable Living Film Festival” and “Slow Food Youth Food Movement” in Turkey. Her calling is to build community to deal with the ecological, economical and social challenges we are currently facing in the world. In service of that, Filiz designs and hosts dialogue and learning spaces to raise awareness about sustainable living and social innovation.


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